By some estimates 3 million citizens become expatriates a year. Many dream of doing so.

So, why not you ?

There are so many good reasons to pack up and leave : it’s a wonderful opportunity to confront yourself with a new culture, to daily speak a foreign language, to get out of your everyday routine, to follow your husband or spouse, to boost your career, to increase your salary …

But … between a romantic dream and reality, many do not dare make the final leap.

Those who did so proclaim in one voice that expatriation cannot be improvised.

Art des Langues supports you throughout this wonderful family, personal and professional adventure, making sure that each family member finds a place in this new environment.

Our seminars focus on:

-      being conscious of the expatriation challenges and on clarifying your project

-      better anticipating and coping with the stress resulting from the culture shock

-      being able to identify cultural differences, so as to better deal with them in your everyday life

-      anticipating your return back home