Art des Langues offers individuals and companies translation services (English-Italian-French) and professional training, mainly in the legal field, as well as intercultural training.

Each translation, whether literary, legal or technical, is tailored to specific needs. Each medium and each field is carefully studied to ensure that the target text corresponds as closely as possible to the original idea.

When it comes to training, Art des Langues works in an equally personalised way. An audit of needs and language level (including legal knowledge) enables us to design targeted, highly individualised courses.

Finally, Art des Langues offers seminars to help you:

- become more aware of the challenges of "Living, studying or working abroad"

- understand cultural differences

- anticipate and manage the stress of culture shock.

For Art des Langues, any translation or training course is like a work of art. Hence its logo: Janus, the god of Doors, Change and Transition. It's a two-faced way of meeting other languages and cultures.

Tout ressemble à Janus ; tout, avec le temps, a un double visage 
Everything looks like Janus ; everything, with time, becomes two-faced
François-Marie Arouet, dit VOLTAIRE, Lett. Florian, 3 avril 1767