Art deS Langues  - Art of Languages - is an independent company, offering its services in translation on the one hand, and legal and cross-cultural training on the other hand.

 dsc-0106-version-2-3.jpgASL is managed by Anne-Sophie Milard-Laffitte. With a bilingual English-French legal background (French Masters in Business Law + Diploma in Anglo-American Legal Studies - Paris X, supplemented by an LL.M in European Law at the University of Essex - UK), the founder of ASL completed her training with a Ph.D. in Comparative Law, awarded by the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, on a topical subject: "The law of couples in the light of Church/State relations. A comparative study of the English, French and Italian legal systems". She also has a degree in Italian, the CILS level 4 - C2, Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera, awarded by the University of Siena.

She first worked as an international business lawyer in France and in Qatar, before specialising in training and translation. With 25 years of experience mainly gained from an international career path (Italy, Yugoslavia, Egypt, UK, Qatar, Thailand, Cambodia), her main objective is to offer you personalised services, based on an intercultural approach and pedagogy.